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KAESER Kompressoren offers products, services and complete systems for the generation, treatment and delivery of energy in the form of compressed air. The system solutions aim at optimal economy and efficiency.
The innovative products and services of outstanding quality provided by KAESER assist the compressed air user in strengthening competitive capability. Continuous dialogue with customers is an essential part of concept development and continuous improvement in the total economy, efficiency, durability and utilisation of compressed air equipment.KAESER intends to consolidate its position among the world's leading suppliers of compressed air products and engineering and to continue to expand international sales and service facilities in order to optimise customer satisfaction.
The majority of industrial compressed air requirements are met by rotary screw compressors, which are also being increasingly used in trade and workshop applications. KAESER screw compressors with SIGMA PROFILE rotor airends reflect this growing trend, as more than 200,000 of these economical and reliable systems are currently in service throughout the world.
In short, they give you the good feeling that you can rely entirely on Jungheinrich in all questions of intra-company logistics.
PET bottle production
KAESER has developed a remarkably economical system solution for this growing field of application. The SIGMA PET AIR bottle production system comprises a low pressure stage (rotary screw compressor, control air), a high pressure stage(booster, blow moulding) and efficient refrigeration drying. In addition to outstanding system performance, air users benefit from low investment and operating costs.
Tunnelling and water pollution protection
Diesel-powered MOBILAIR compressors are as economical as they are versatile. They are used in a wide range of applications, such as supplying air for tunnel construction projects (e.g. the Cologne city transit tunnel) or for oil booms used for oil spill containment in harbours.

Pressure and vacuum applications
Kaeser rotary blowers with OMEGA PROFILE are used in pressure / vacuum applications for drying, aerating waste water clarifiers, conveying powder or granular material, cleaning by suction, inspection and packaging.
Dust evacuation, packaging, filtration
KAESER rotary screw vacuum packages with the special KAESER vacuum airend are just as suited to evacuating, testing, drying, and degassing processes as they are to filtration applications or filling bottles and tubes.These units are also equipped with the advanced PC-based SIGMA CONTROL compressor controller.
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